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(Overcome) The Arpeggio World - instructional e-book

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"(Overcome) The Arpeggio World" is an instructional e-book for guitarists, written by Through Infinity guitarist Josip Pesut. It covers in-depth topics on how to implement melodic and meaningful phrases to guitar solos and melody phrases. The e-book has been originally released in 2013.




  1. Major and natural minor scale
  2. Degrees and intervals
  3. Diatonic triads of major and natural minor scales
  4. Major scale modes basics


  1. 5 string arpeggios
  2. Technical skills on 5 string arpeggios
  3. 2 string arpeggiation
  4. Technical skills on 2 string arpeggios
  5. 3 string arpeggios
  6. 4 string arpeggios
  7. 6 string arpeggios
  8. Arpeggios with suspended 2nds and 4ths
  9. Arpeggios with added 9ths
  10. Arpeggios with major and minor 7ths
  11. Arpeggios with major and minor 6ths
  12. Diminished arpeggios
  13. Modal arpeggiation
  14. Complex arpeggio structuring

Josip's playing style involves various techniques introduced by 90's guitarists, packed in a melodic and tasteful riffs or melodies. May it be legato, directional or sweep picking, or even tapping, he's always looking for a way to execute meaningful ideas in an arranged solution for a specific piece of a song, in whatever genre it may be. Being an open minded musician, he's always learning to implement his musical knowledge in a different way, and constantly looking for a way to improve. He wrote (Overcome) The Arpeggio World as a catalyst of his discoveries, and as a path to creating interesting, exciting and uplifting guitar licks.

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