"The Life" album - signed jewel case

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The debut Through Infinity album - "The Life", featuring instrumental renditions of;

1. Try To Find The Hope (5:31)
2. Sight Of An Eagle (4:00)
3. Freedom (9:20)
4. The Life (5:55)
5. The Life - Diamond's Rendition (2:30)
6. Aural Spectrum (5:11)
7. Eliza (3:39)
8. Our Feeling (5:03)
9. Shine (4:24)
10. Godly Energy (6:48)
11. Holy Streams (3:51)


"“The Life” is an original, emotional musical phenomenon that tugs at the heartstrings of every music lover with its dauntless spirit and true connection to reality. 

Through Infinity, with their latest album “The Life”, have delivered the best in sound engineering and have been extremely successful in creating an album that reverberates with energy and soulful beauty of contemporary music. It’s a powerful and astonishing concoction of electronic and rock.

Each track in the album actually represents some kind of state of mind and a certain experience that one has gained in life. Therefore, there is a deep emotional and psychological connection in the music that each song brings. Every track remains close to reality, in spite of the music construction being wonderfully buoyant and mesmerizing.

Throughout every song, what comes bubbling up to the surface is a refreshing, undeniable strain of elegant music. You can clearly feel the sweetness in the performance of piano and flute as well as occasional dominating rhythms of electric guitar." - review by Jazz...u

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