The Life (downloadable single)

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The birth, the maturing, the ageing, and dying... That is all the life.


THE LIFE (5:55)

This is the title track of Through Infinity's debut album, but it's not the first version of the song. The song originated around 2009 during Josip Pesut's vision of releasing a guitar album. It got recorded from the scratch more than four times, but he chose to go with a completely different arrangement for Through Infinity version. It was supposed to be electronic on the album, but the outstanding performance of Damir Somen on drums and Tomislav Lackovic on bass guitar eliminated that idea. 


"The title track of the album “The Life” is a modern sounding performance with a refreshing vibe. The upbeat instrumentals are filled with vitality as soulful rhythms, bright melodies and rock nuances captivate listeners." - review by Glitter and Stilletos

"The album’s title track comes with an additional rendition. First, The Life puts the audience in the mode of the metropolitan. Its sound builds off of an industrial opening. The Life (Diamond’s Rendition) is an entirely different composition that brandishes sophisticated piano throughout the entire tune. Both tracks are as clever as they are seductive." - review by Warlock Asylum International

Published by Music Through Infinity, 2017, ISRC HR-A3K-17-00004

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