The Life (Diamond's Rendition) (downloadable single)

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The life may be a beautiful gift of a God, or a void astral plane looming with loneliness and silence...



This is a piano rendition of a title track of "The Life" album, as performed by Tomo Bacurin "Diamond".


"Things take a turn for the slightly darker or more reflective as Life begins to play. When there’s a moment of space like this, you try to reconnect with that eight-year journey that led to these compositions. When the track itself fires into life, the vibrancy is infectious – the rhythm and positivity is glowing. Diamonds Rendition of the same title takes the form of a piano-led piece that lingers more in the lane of melancholy and reflection once again. It fits well at this point in the playlist. The bare essentials do all the work, creatively, which is emotional to witness." - review by Stereo Stickman

Published by Music Through Infinity, 2017, ISRC HR-A3K-17-00005

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