Aural Spectrum (downloadable single)

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Imagine all the information left out to our limited senses. Now imagine if you'd be the only one or one among the few who has the access to it.



"Aural Spectrum" is another psy-trance experiment gone wrong. The musical input of Through Infinity rhythm backbone simply put the track in a totally different and unexpected direction. This is pure fusion of dark electronic and metal.


"Aural Spectrum ventures further down the pathway of deep thought and other-worldly ambiances." - review by Stereo Stickman

"“Aural Spectrum” displays the entire force of the band, and once again Pešut’s six-string prowess. Its an epic, intense and highly emotive masterpiece, maintaining steady pace and feel throughout. The instrumental includes impressive drum and bass creativity levels." - review by TunedLoud!

Published by Music Through Infinity, 2017, ISRC HR-A3K-17-00006

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