Our Feeling (downloadable single)

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When two destined to be souls meet, the eyes and hearts rejoice!



This track has been written eight years before the release of an album it is featured on, as a honest simple guitar love song, and it remained that way.


"Much like “Eliza”, “Our Feeling” is also a moody track with suave vibrations. “Our Feeling” does have a quicker tempo and is punctuated by expressive chords which vary in terms of intensity. The waves which gently roll in on “Our Feeling” are subtle, yet appealing whereby listeners are treated to a myriad of pitches and tempo changes. The instrumental is largely guitar driven and the guitar is expressed in such a way that it almost sounds like it is singing in harmony with the musical accompaniment."  - review by Glitter and Stilletos

"Our Feelings is bright, energetic yet with flickers of melancholy or isolated thoughtfulness. The journey throughout this track alone seems complex and perfectly in keeping with the wide-ranging concept that is our feelings." - review by Stereo Stickman

Published by Music Through Infinity, 2017, ISRC HR-A3K-17-00008

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