Godly Energy (downloadable single)

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Imagine you had all the powers of this world. What would you do?



Inspired by more than several goa trance DJs, Josip Pesut wrote "Godly Energy" as a dark, constantly evolving piece formed in many instrumental layers of melodies and rhythms. Damir Somen on drums and Tomislav Lackovic on the bass kept that idea going all the way to the final arrangement.


"Simply put, by the time you hit play on the electronic euphoria of “Godly Energy” you have savored a stunning and evocative mix of songs that will have a huge impact on older listeners, who remember when music had a soul and songwriting was the key to making an impression, not fabricated hype and social media skills. The writing on this album is rhythmically advanced, and harmonically complex." - review by TunedLoud!

"Godly Energy” is dark, intense, and heavy on the bass. Through Infinity deliver another series of future sounds, blending together frantic waves, ambient layers and alternative rhythms. “Godly Energy” is an assertive performance that casts Through Infinity as a band that is able to morph their sound effortlessly." - review by Glitter and Stilletos

Published by Music Through Infinity, 2017, ISRC HR-A3K-17-00010

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