Sight Of An Eagle (downloadable single)

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Look at all the things men do... But look it from above, with the sight of an eagle.



This is an instrumental rendition of "Sight Of An Eagle". which is a really old song written around 2008 by Josip Pesut. He had a high school band "Same Destinies" in which he demoed the track, and it waited almost a decade to see the light of the day.


"Through Infinity does a marvelous job in letting the voice of the instruments speak in eloquent conversation. Sight of An Eagle is a prime example of this. The lead guitar sings loudly in its dialogue with the piano. Sight of An Eagle is a beautiful song that will surely warm the hearts of listener." - review by Warlock Asylum International

"“Sight Of An Eagle” quickly garners attention with a dramatic piano introduction. The chords are alluring, drawing fans into what will be a remarkable performance. “Sight of An Eagle” starts off with a slower tempo in comparison to “Try To Find The Hope” but it is just as motivational in terms of its performance and ability to soothe the mind. Subtle instrumentals often give way to more charging thus illustrating the textured layerings of the musicians’ unique sounds while creating a dynamic listening experience. “Sight of An Eagle” is a sonic track that is theatrical in nature. The performance if flawlessly produced and organically awe-inspiring." - review by Glitter And Stilletos

"The lead guitar melody will lift you onto a different plain, while stimulating instrumental transitions and chord progressions juxtaposed with exhilarating performances, make this song extraordinary. “Sight Of An Eagle” uses delightful piano chords and some beautiful guitar work mixed with a rumbling bass line, before making a leap to the heavens with amazing gusto, and then coming down again towards the end." - review by TunedLoud!

Published by Music Through Infinity, 2017, ISRC HR-A3K-17-00002

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