Freedom (downloadable single)

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Being free is not only a given situation of opportunities, it is a state of mind.


FREEDOM (9:20)

"Freedom" is one of the tracks that was supposed to be fully electronic, but an experiment with adding Damir Somen drumming into the mix really gave a spicy nuance to it. This is a song written especially for the album, as there was a desire to allow listeners to enjoy its lengthy ambience and entice their imagination with a deliberately left out space in the arrangement. 


""Freedom" begins with a dark keyboard riff that opens into a magical pathworking. One thing that is enjoyable about this album is its relentless inspirational sounds. Freedom paints the mental picture of a journey within." - review by Warlock Asylum International

"A lingering sequence of chords indicate the introduction to “Freedom”. Through the opening of the track, delicate melodies reveal themselves between deep and somewhat dark distorted electronic elements. For over a minute and 24 seconds, Through Infinity sets the stage for what is to come. Slowly building upon each layer of sound, “Freedom” slowly emerges with a synth-heavy tune accented by lush instrumentals and finally a vigorous finish." - review by Glitter And Stilletos

Published by Music Through Infinity, 2017, ISRC HR-A3K-17-00003

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